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“An object becomes a thing when it is somehow made to stand out against the backdrop of the world in which it exists” Martin Heidegger. The sculptures that I make originate from exploring the depths of my mind in correspondence to my environment as it stands, in an attempt to expose the undercurrent of my psyche. I develop or invent a thing to transmit the realizations I have arrived at. My effort and enjoyment is to portray a genuine veracity to realities and experiences through new unprecedented ways, in order to bring about encapsulating thoughts and a lasting sensation to the viewer.

            The challenge of finding the language for deconstructing one’s own work and identifying all of its cultural predecessors is quite difficult, however, since my art has developed I began to notice certain reoccurring points, and descriptions have started to emerge. My art has grown to possess achievements, with a crisp style and holds a passive resistant stance. The work confronted with the power of a transitory appearance evokes intensity and defines existence. Occasionally they enter the strange and may retain a perception of material wealth. I take pleasure in the materials I work with, they are often difficult and unforgiving but can be persuaded for a conducted outcome. I always strive for excellence mystery and the expressive power the visual artwork can have on its own.

            Real is the open, the knowing. Without fantastic moments in life, I would not make art. I want to share and understand these moments of inspiration. Without the problems I set for myself, or the physical vicissitudes of each piece, I could never learn to overcome and improve. Without touching on our innate desires for beauty, inherent visual seductiveness may not emerge. While this world shines on, I am hungry to explore the real, continually develop skills, and strive for satisfaction.

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